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Siemens S30810-Q924-A313 STLS4 19" HINET


The STLS4-module board S30810-Q924-A313 with a cover-panel is intended for the Hinet V 1600 and has 4 S 0 -interfaces, which can be used as external trunk-lines in TE-Mode or alternatively as an internal interface (Bus PMP) in NT-Mode.

Siemens S30810-Q924-B313 STLS2 19" HINET


The STLS2-module board S30810-Q924-B313 with a panel for the Hinet V 1600 and has two S 0 -interfaces, which can be activated and run as external trunk lines in TE-mode or alternatively as internal interfaces (Bus PMP) in NT-Mode.

Siemens S30817-Q905-X Flatpack F


The Flatpack F is the central control board of the Hicom 150E Office One in theversion 2/4/4 for: 2x S0 internal/external (ISDN connections ), 4x UP0-interfaces for system telephones ( all OptiSet) 4x analogue interfaces for ie. cordless telephone, fax, modem, etc.